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Photo collage of several people making symbolid hand gestures reffered to as "MYcycles".

More than 500 million people worldwide do not have what they need to manage their periods.

We are changing that! 

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What is MAYstruation?

MAYstruation is a month-long event building up to World MH Day on May 28th. This year Days for Girls Canada hopes to inspire people everywhere to start the conversation about period menstrual equity, and menstrual health education.

MAYstruation promotes equitable access to menstrual health products worldwide, including here in Canada. World MH Day was chosen to be on the 28th day of the 5th month in the year, as it represents the 5 flow days in a 28-day menstrual cycle.

How to Help

Join the movement this May to help spread awareness to support people who menstruate everywhere.

Break the stigma and share your MYcycle!

Become a one-time or monthly donor!

WASH United

MAYstruation operates in alliance with WASH United, the NGO that initiated and leads World MH Day. WASH United works to end period stigma and provide low-cost, scalable solutions for menstrual health education for Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

They have reached more than 1 billion people worldwide with menstrual health campaigns.  The 2022 WASH United MH Day theme is #WeAreCommitted.

Days for Girls Canada Logo (Light)

Days for Girls Canada Society has more than 60 Chapters and Teams across Canada.

Meet the team behind MAYstruation and learn the story behind Days for Girls Canada. 

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How to Participate

Paint Your Nails!

Find your favourite shade of red and paint your thumbnails!

Post Your MYcycle!

Post a picture to social media of yourself making the “MYcycle”with your hands. Don’t forget to show off those red nails!

Use Our Hashtags!

Make sure to take advantage of our hashtags in every post!

#MAYstruation #DaysforGirls #MHD2023 #MenstrualEquityMatters #WeAreCommitted

Tag Your Friends!

Tag at least five friends and challenge them to post a picture of their MYcycle!

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