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A hand gesture called the MYcycle and red nail polish.

Join the Movement!

MAYstruation is a month-long event building up to World MH Day, May 28th. Days for Girls Canada is encouraging people everywhere to celebrate menstruation and inspire all to get talking about period poverty and menstrual health education.
During the month of May, we are asking you to paint your thumbnails red to show support and help to spread awareness and action!

1. Find your favourite shade of red and paint your thumbnails!


2. Post a picture to social media of yourself making the “MYcycle” with your hands. Don’t forget to show off those red nails!


3. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your platform by copying and pasting the following hashtags into every post: #MAYstruation #DaysforGirls #MHD2023

 #MenstrualEquityMatters #WeAreCommitted

4. Tag at least five friends and challenge them to post a picture of their MYcycle!

The Rulebook

Volunteers making period kits for donation.
Image (2) copy_edited.jpg

Days for Girls has reached more than 2.4 million menstruators in 144 countries with period products and health education.

Share your MYcycle!

With Your Support...

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