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Knowledge, products, and supportive environments for all people who menstruate.

Days for Girls Canada Society is a registered Canadian not-for-profit and is a Country Affiliate with Days for Girls International. Volunteers across Canada mobilize to increase access to menstrual products and vital health information for people with periods around the world.

Days for Girls Canada has delivered over 20,000 Kits to people who menstruate in 48 countries.

Our Story

Every Days for Girls member is an Advocate for Menstrual Equity. In Canada that means we have hundreds of advocates. Every time we participate in the making of a DfG Kit, every time we tell someone about what we do, every time we encourage others to support our work, we are advocating for menstrual equity everywhere. Period. We are doing our part to achieve menstrual equity and ensure menstrual health for all!

But there is more to be done. Addressing the challenges faced by people with periods also means tackling the stigma attached to menstruation. We know that even in Canada menstrual inequity is an undeniable driver of school absenteeism, classroom and public shaming, missed opportunities, and more, all of which lead to more inequities.

We are building momentum. With our Teams of advocates across the country to help us coordinate our efforts, we will add our DfGCS voices to the global menstrual equity movement that is underway. We will change the world for everyone who menstruates.

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A group of women holding their menstrual health management kits.

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Meet The MAYstruation Team

Julia Curran
Jillian Johnston
Brandy Burns
Julia Howcroft
Ann Scott
Sherrill Perry
Renjini Devaki


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